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Medicare Panel Voices Doubts About Genetic Cancer Tests - The Medicare Evidence Development and Coverage Advisory Committee (MEDCAC) has expressed little confidence in genetic tests that supposedly predict common cancers. The decision raises doubts about whether the CMS will authorize Medicare coverage for such tests. READ MORE >>
Breast Implants In France To Carry Cancer Warning: Researchers Find A ‘Clearly Established Link’ - Medical Daily, March 18, 2015. French Government will now require breast implants to carry cancer warnings. READ MORE >>
Candidate to Lead FDA Has Close Ties to Big Pharma - Time, February 19, 2015. Time Magazine asks us why close ties to industry is a problem for a new FDA Commissioner READ MORE >>

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Join us for our first annual Stop Cancer Now Lap-a-Thon at Tuscarora H.S. in Leesburg, VA on April 26 at 11 am! Here are the details!

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The Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund helps children and adults reduce their risks of getting all types of cancer, and assists them in choosing the safest and most effective treatments. We carefully analyze research by scientists around the world, and draw conclusions about the best strategies for preventing and treating cancer. We help keep you healthy and help you get the best medical care by making information available to doctors, patients, family members, and the public.READ MORE >>
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