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Candidate to Lead FDA Has Close Ties to Big Pharma - Time, February 19, 2015. Time Magazine asks us why close ties to industry is a problem for a new FDA Commissioner READ MORE >>
Letter to the Editor: “Keep the Medical Device Tax” - Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions more Americans can now afford medical care that relies on devices like CT scans, cardiac implants or joint replacements. Our nonpartisan research center just released a report indicating that the device industry is thriving in the two years since the tax went into effect. READ MORE >>
Congress is up to something and only you can stop them - Do you think cancer patients should be able to afford health insurance and successful companies should pay taxes? READ MORE >>

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The Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund helps children and adults reduce their risks of getting all types of cancer, and assists them in choosing the safest and most effective treatments. We carefully analyze research by scientists around the world, and draw conclusions about the best strategies for preventing and treating cancer. We help keep you healthy and help you get the best medical care by making information available to doctors, patients, family members, and the public.READ MORE >>
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